Welcome to Mole – an independent and unique design company.

My name is Paul Wigley and I have been working in interior, exhibition and furniture design since 1992. I have designed, constructed and installed exhibition stands, retail outlets and public commissioned work, as well as domestic remodelling and refurbishments.


Mole has been an ongoing project for the last 25 years; during which time I have crafted many ‘one off’ pieces for both private and commercial clients. In addition, I have a variety of timeless, ‘staple’ pieces, such as the Fire Bowl, which are available for sale.


Mole can design, make and install most things and if I don't have access to the facilities myself then I work alongside those who do.


Past projects have led me to work collaboratively using a wide range of different manufacturing processes, such as electro plating; finishing; powder coating; bead blasting; sand blasting; laser cutting; metal casting; metal spinning; aluminium, steel and stainless steel fabricating; laminating; glass manufacturing; resin casting and acrylic fabricating.


I like learning about different processes and rising to technical challenges!


I also work in consultation with many other professionals: architects, designers and engineers, both structural and mechanical.


Whether you're furnishing a new home, remodelling an existing one or looking to redesign your office, commercial premises or need an exhibition stand, Mole can assist you with every facet of your project – from the master plan down to the last door knob.

Paul Wigley - Proprietor

22 Nicolas Road



M21 9LR


tel: 0161 860 0387

mob: 07745 371 979

instagram: @madebymole

twitter: @madebymole

email: paulwigley@madebymole.com


You can also contact me at any time using the online contact form.

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